Text on Image

Text on image

Without image processing - handling of calm image backgrounds

Calm image motifs allow easy text-image composition without additional image editing. With calm image backgrounds, logo, pulse and text can be placed directly on the motif. 

Bright image motif

Dark image motif

Picture motif with red component

With partial image processing

Restless motifs must be partially calmed in order to place the text legibly on the image.


With this background image, logo and text do not stand out clearly enough.

Bild 1


Options of partial darkening and brightening

Option 1 - Partial darkening

Use the logo with a white inner area so that it stands out clearly from the image. Additionally, darken the image part below the font slightly.




Option 2 - Partial brightening

In addition to darkening the image, you can also lighten it partially. So you can use the primary logo without inner surface also with this motive. Imitate a natural light source and place it behind the logo.



Floor Fade

For a series of images with different brightness levels, a partial gradient darkening, the so-called floor fade, is recommended.