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Our company unites multiple business fields and corporate divisions
under one roof. As an international provider of mobility, transportation
and logistics services we operate in over 130 countries at more than
2000 locations.

With its products and services moving more than 11 million customers daily,
our Passenger Transport Division is everywhere in Germany, with 100% brand awareness.

Design philosophy

Fair, with customers in mind, environmentally responsible and progressive: that's how we want
to be seen. Our social
responsibility makes trust and credibility especially important.

It’s also the basis of our design philosophy.

Our goal is a unified presence across our corporate divisions that instantly identifies us as the DB Group. Consistent use of our visual identification elements provides familiarity while benefiting trust and our image among customers, business partners and staff.
We keep customers in mind with our local presence, clear and simple pledges and a graphic style that appeals to all ages and target groups.

Design philosophy
We want everybody to understand us.

We communicate straight and direct with a simple, clear design vocabulary and sparing use of color.
Neither distanced nor inflated, but
at eye level with the customer.
We want to be understood by all.

Our corporate design is sustainable. Instead of catering to the spirit of the moment, passing trends or personal tastes, it’s built to last. While growing and evolving along with the company,
it remains unmistakable.
Our corporate design has become firmly established and thereby a key element of our Group.

It helps to simplify processes and ensure consistent visual quality in
our communications.
Our concentrated graphic style can
be applied easily to all our many means
of communication, from trade-show backdrops to mobile ads.

The following elements constitute
the core of our graphic style:

The DB brand, our corporate colors, our corporate font DB Type, the DB Corner Element and the principle of horizontal emphasis.
DB brand
Our DB brand gives credibility to our offerings.

The DB brand is our corporation's identifying symbol.
It appears worldwide across our communications as an essential element of each DB division brand.

That gives it the starring role in our corporate design and ambassador status for our values, products and service pledges to the customer.
Its exact reproduction establishes familiarity and makes our products credible.

Our brand also instantly reflects all our customers’ experiences with the company. That makes it the most important vehicle for our image.

For more information go to:
Corporate colors
DB Red holds the maximum clarity and purity

The interplay of our corporate colors supports our corporate design’s emotional expressiveness.

We have assigned to each corporate division and respective division brand its own special color. As the color of the DB brand, DB Red appears in all DB communications Group-wide.
In adding emotions it expresses energy, vitality and warmth. DB Red is also the identity color of the Passenger Transport and Rail Freight Transport Division.

DB Blue identifies the Land Transport, Air and Ocean Freight and Contract Logistics Division and stands for reliability and unlimited dimensions.

DB Gray connotes objectivity, solidity and neutrality. It represents the Communication of the DB Group (the Group can also omit color representation).

For more information go to:
Color is emotional and distinguishes the appearance of our brands.
Corporate font DB Type
The DB Type shapes the typographical expression of our corporate design

DB Type is our exclusive corporate font. With its specially designed lettering it has been defining the typographical expression of our entire communications since 2005.

DB Type is a font that speaks our language. It was designed especially
for us, to bring typographical expression to our values.

  • Customer oriented, not distanced

  • warmer, rounder
    (than e.g. Helvetica or Arial)

  • Looks natural and familiar

The eight font families of DB Type have been specially designed with our communication duties and technical requirements in mind. Its unified stylistic vocabulary helps readers

recognize us and find their way across all media—from timetables to periodicals and advertising.

As a corporation we want to speak with one voice, globally. That’s why we use only DB Type as our font, Group-wide.

For more information, go to:
DB Corner Element
DB Corner Element

The DB Corner Element is both an integral element and striking feature of our visual identity.

It brackets the content and is always used only once per application, at the horizontal edge of image and color panes.

The Corner Elements has a defined form. Its size and direction are specified. The position of the corner can vary. Only the typical proportions and correct application make a corner the ‘DB Corner Element’.
Horizontal emphasis

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We express the idea of movement visually

The corporate design of our communications media is based on one idea: of visually conveying the concept of movement (travel, transportation, action, velocity).

It derives from horizontal movement through space and the image that all travelers see: of impressions passing horizontally while in motion—whether on the road or on tracks.

The idea can be found in every layout as the design principle of horizontal distribution of space. Panes run horizontally over the space’s complete width. Headlines use horizontally offset copy. Lines run only horizontally.

Across all divisions,
DB communications media can
be recognized by their emphasis
on the horizontal.

Additional corporate design topics

The following corporate design topics are important for external presentation: