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We want to make mobility as simple as possible, which is also a question of design.

There are few brands in Germany as well known as Deutsche Bahn. Whether it’s our logo, our typeface or a red stripe on a white background, anyone who sees these elements usually recognises Deutsche Bahn at once. With our corporate design, we make it easier to use them. We enable modular flexibility – and thus customer-oriented, intuitive design.

The core of our brand is expressed in four principles.


We communicate in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand. Reduced to what’s important for customers, our brand design is simple and consistent across all media. We add eye-catching accents and omit anything that could be a distraction.


Our design generates closeness, familiarity and affection. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and communicate with them on equal footing. Our design reflects appreciation: it’s honest, natural and dialogue-oriented.


As the ‘brand for all’, we’re firmly rooted in daily life and have had an established presence throughout the country for decades. Our design pays homage to and builds on this history. Our brand design is easily recognisable and communicates familiarity.

in motion

We drive innovation in the fields of mobility and logistics. Our design is modern and dynamic and offers flexibility that enables creative freedom for new things.

Familiarity creates trust.

Our logo has been around for 70 years: it’s not an overstatement to say that everyone is familiar with the letters ‘DB’ in the rectangle with rounded corners. This level of awareness is an asset – as well as an invitation to use the logo with confidence: freely, eye-catchingly and with few restrictions.

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We understand each other even without words.

Digital devices accompany our customers throughout the entire user experience, with interaction behaviour in the interface playing a key role: it communicates both information and emotions – without having to say a single word. The pulse is our element for brand-oriented and friendly communication in this context. It can also break down information across all media and guide users.

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Sometimes you read ‘aeroplane’, ‘car’ or ‘bus’ and yet Deutsche Bahn immediately comes to mind.

The DB Type typefaces are clearly legible, promote functional use and boast a friendly look and feel. They’re also jam-packed with character: you often recognise Deutsche Bahn as the signatory of the communication by its typeface alone. We strengthen this function by focusing on the fonts with the most character and making them easy to use.

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Modular flexibility for media-specific communication.

The topics we address are as different as the media we use to communicate them, which is why we use a layout system with a variety of surface modules that promote maximum flexibility. In this way, we pave the way for the future and enable fast, functional and automated use.

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Would you like to know more about our corporate design?

You can find out more about the characteristics and application of each element of our brand design in the marketing portal. We made a conscious decision to refrain from precisely defining each and every special case. Instead, you yourself can decide which solution is the best for the Deutsche Bahn brand. You can find example applications for each of our elements, which can serve as a guide for you. Should you have any questions regarding use, we’ll be happy to assist you.