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Welcome to the brand portfolio of Deutsche Bahn!

Brands are a key feature of everyday life in the modern world. Whether we’re on our way to work, watching a sporting event, out shopping or simply watching TV, brands are always with us. They play a central role in our society, providing orientation, fostering trust, and representing quality and stability. Strong brands are almost always a symbol of a successful company, something that is also true in the case of Deutsche Bahn.

At DB, our brand management is successful because it is closely aligned with our corporate strategy. Taking its cues from this strategy, our clear and consistent brand architecture provides the content that underpins our marketing activities. Managing these brands so that they present a uniform image to the public is a complex task that requires a great deal of collective effort, sensitivity and subtlety.

The following sections will take you on a journey through DB’s brand portfolio. You’ll learn more about the history of our brands, DB’s view of brands and the background to the Group’s brand strategy. Each section will also provide you with practical information about how much freedom you have when implementing aspects of our brand strategy.

How you use this freedom plays a crucial role in the process of strengthening our brands. Strong brands that are successful in the long run are something we can only create if we all pool our efforts. Every single DB employee is a brand ambassador whose work contributes to our brand’s success each and every day!

We hope you enjoy exploring our brand portfolio.
Your brand management team